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Something new October 29, 2012

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We recently went on a trip to the underground controls of this school. Through this trip, we were able to look at, feel, and touch the control rooms for temperature, sewage-related systems, and other gas-related things I’ve never seen before in my life. It was quite interesting, but I have to say, one thing that I did not know before was that there were heaters in the car-parking garage. 


You might think this is a simple discovery and a bit odd, too, but it really truly made me realize how much money we spend in this school to provide for comfort and convenience. I don’t quite understand the logic behind installing heaters in the car parking lot garage when the doors and windows are open. But perhaps it is to prevent cars from turning to ice..? I know this is usually not the case since my parents own cars and those cars are always parked outside even during the winter and there are no problems with freezing. And then that would make me wonder if that is in fact the concern, how they are to protect the school buses which have parking lots completely outdoors. Regardless, I’ve had a good time learning about how KIS runs and the types of fuel we use. 


I hope perhaps I can understand better the amount of energy we are using by looking at numbers next time. 



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For those men that make work their number one priority, a love relationship might seem like a distraction or rather a hindrance for which he hasn’t the time or energy for. Its most likely that the guy’s set lofty goals such as graduating and finishing medical school, working on starting his own business with personal deadlines, etc. They don’t like to

Waiting for the “right time” isn’t the solution, according to Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of DSI: Date Scene Investigation. “This guy needs to understand that life doesn’t start when he schedules it,” Dr. Kerner points out. And it needn’t be a lonely climb to the top: rather than derail his career, a supportive mate could provide stability, encouragement and an attentive ear. And for the guy who is working to become husband material, consider this: 91 percent of women in a survey reported that they tend to fall in love with a moderately successful career person with a balanced life rather than a very successful workaholic.

The partier
For this guy, weekends in Vegas and hitting up the newest parties and clubs has too much appeal to entertain the possibility of settling down. Says self-described “committed bachelor” Sean, 30, of Brooklyn: “I go out to have a good time — mingle, dance, have fun — and not to meet someone.”

Reality check: As the Seans of the world mature, they may notice that their party-hearty peers are becoming fewer in number or that the average age of his social circle — and of his dates — remains constant as he ages. Another warning sign? More numbers in his cell phone for “friends with benefits” than those belonging to actual friends. The bottom line is, for all the fun of casual encounters and late nights out, a partier would do well to understand that a committed relationship has its own joys, too — even excitement and novelty. “These guys are adrenaline junkies, and they fear that a commitment to one person will be no fun,” says Dr. Kerner. “But really getting to know one person in a relationship can be a source of passion and adrenaline, too.”

The shy guy
It’s a fact: Meeting women requires conversation — which can be problematic for a shy guy and can stunt his relationship prospects. “I go out with the express purpose of meeting people, but I hardly ever screw up enough courage to talk to strangers,” admits Alex, 31, of Raleigh, NC. “Even if I do, I wuss out and leave before I get anywhere.”

Reality check: Rather than forcing social behavior in a high-stress situation, like at a loud nightclub, shy guys may be better off searching for potential mates who share the same affinities. “The shy guy doesn’t have to walk up to someone cold,” says Dr. Kerner. “Instead, he should put himself in situations that present opportunities for easy conversation.” Dr. Kerner suggests theater clubs, team sports or anything else with expectations for regular participation, like volunteering. Or, if you do start dating someone, suggest making it a double date or an activity date, thereby reducing the pressure of a one-on-one outing.

The too-picky guy
For all his many, many first dates, this guy is resolutely single, never having met anyone who quite fits his mold for the ideal mate. He is convinced that there is someone out there and is alternately determined to find The One or frustrated by his inability to do so. Says Andrew, 30, of Scarsdale, NY: “It’s impossible for me to compromise. I can’t settle for someone who doesn’t attract me physically, emotionally, intellectually and so on.” Compounding this inability to compromise is the belief that perfection in another personal really exists — a notion that could lend itself to fantasies of discovering love at first sight. “A guy with impossibly high standards may fall for someone, but then he’ll see this person’s flaws and imperfections and become disappointed,” says Dr. Kerner. Unfortunately, this can lead to discounting potentially great matches, as the picky guy may be unwilling to give a date with, say, a tendency to use emoticons in emails or “too short” hair a chance.

What these guys need to accept is that no one’s perfect — and include themselves in that statement. And, in Dr. Kerner’s opinion, “There is no such thing as a soul mate,” he says. “Rather, it’s the journey of building a great relationship over time that leads to a ‘soul mate’-type of closeness.” So the next time you’re iffy about a girl, give her more of a chance before you write her off.

The none-of-the-above guy
Of course, there are guys who might not fall into (just) one of these categories, who are comfortable with themselves, outgoing and trying to meet someone to share their lives with — but for whom it just hasn’t happened yet. Guys like “chronically single” Greg, 30, of Boston, explains: “I’m ready to give my heart to someone and to do some hard work to find her, but I have yet to find that person.”

Keeping adages such as “Love happens when you least expect it” in mind may not totally assuage feelings of “What the heck is going on here?” Suffice to say that this still-single guy is not alone — and won’t be for long if he keeps an open mind, gets active in organizations that provide opportunities to meet others and gives luck (or some effort) a chance to work. “Regardless of his circumstances, the important thing for a single guy in his 30s to do is to put himself in situations where he’s meeting women — whether it’s making time to join in activity groups, dating online or signing up for singles’ events,” says Dr. Kerner. So, single guy, keep your chin up and continue taking those leaps of faith into the dating pool. Sooner or later, you’ll find someone who sees you for the catch you truly are.


MOTHER’S DAY June 7, 2011

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In Korea, we do not have mother’s day, so I took the chance on PARENT’S DAY to give presents to my beloved mother and father. I bought this basket of flowers for my parents, and I bought perfumes separately for each too. 🙂

Mother’s day is an annual holiday celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Quite obviously, mother’s day recognizes mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds in general. It’s a day to acknowledge the positive contributions that mothers make and attribute to society.

Typically, children honor this day by buying gifts for their mothers. It first started in 1908 in the United States.  In Greece, it was Rhea, the Mother of the gods that was given the honor and celebrated in the past.


– Approximately 84 million mom’s in the US

– the youngest mother, Lina Medina,  gave birth at  in 1939 to a 6 and a half pound boy by cesarean section at the age of 5 years and 7 months. This was in Lima, Peru.

– There is a 1/33 chance of women delivering twins and a 1/539 chance of delivering twins.

– Nearly 80% of the whole population in America, will buy a card for his or her mother this year. 83% of the cards will be purchased by daughters.

– Mother’s day happens to be the 3rd largest card-selling holiday, and it is the busiest day for restaurants in the whole year.


What KILLS a relationship June 5, 2011

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Not Listening

Listening is the core of your relationship. You have to be willing to listen to the other
When your mate is unleashing his or her emotions on you, make it evident that you are taking what he or she says into consideration. Do this by showing a sincere interest in things you know are important to him or her, regardless if it is a minor thing or a major thing.

Also, if your significant other notifies you of an aspect of your personality or behavior that he or she dislikes that is within reason, try your hardest to prevent yourself from doing such things in the future. Although you may not completely eliminate that annoying habit, the effort that you show will be enough to satisfy that person.

Excess Baggage

Everyone has baggage; however, the key is dealing with that baggage and not allowing it to influence your relationship.

Everyone goes through obstacles throughout their day that cause stress. However, by no means should you tell your mate every time you are upset. With that said, do tell the person when something major happens to you-not when you’ve been plagued with something as minor as a paper cut. Nobody likes to be burdened with other people’s downfalls on a constant basis because they are dealing with their own misfortunes as well.

Commitment Problems

With time, a certain comfort level is reached in a relationship. When this happens, a relationship becomes serious, or in other words, committed. For some, the word “committed” entails labels and obligations.

In order to be in a committed relationship, you must be mature and realize that it will take hard work and dedication to maintain. Make sure that your mate knows where he or she stands with you at all times. This is achieved through actions. Show your mate how much he or she means to you by writing a sentimental poem or by literally telling that person.

Commitment is scary for many because it serves as the end to just being you and the beginning for you being two. So if you are in fact serious about your mate, do not force him or her into a commitment; rather, let things ease into that stage. Do this first by taking the relationship day to day, and then as things progress, subtly slip hints that you are beginning to think about your future together.

Family Matters

The family – you have to love them even though most times it would be easier to throw pixie dust on them and wish they would vanish off to Never land. However, the reality is that you must make sure you are on your best behavior in front of them if you want a serious long-lasting relationship with your mate.

Keep in mind that you must think of this task as a job. You can make a great first impression, but the staying power of that impression is what counts. Make sure the family feels that you are not only getting to know them for your mate, but that you are also getting to know them because you actually like them as people. With that said, invite them to join you in activities that do not include your mate such as shopping.

Also, make sure you exercise great mannerisms. This means always cleaning the table after a meal without being asked and always offering to help in chores around the house. Not only must you go that extra mile, but you also must make sure you impress while doing so. This means always bringing a dish of the family’s favorite food each time you come over, or calling the person’s mom when at the supermarket to see if she needs anything.

Being a Workaholic

In this day and age, the height of success is a long and rough road to travel. In your voyage to riches, you may unintentionally neglect your special someone.

Your mate can only be so supportive. Remember a long-lasting relationship is as fulfilling as a successful career. As a career entails obstacles and levels to reach the top, so do relationships. However, this does not mean to place your relationship over your career, but rather balance the two. To maintain this juggling act, you should try to invite your mate to work gatherings and keep him or her updated on the events in your career. This way they will feel connected to that aspect of your life and will be more understanding if you sometimes decide to choose work over them.


Homosexuals? May 21, 2011

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I feel that it is worth taking my time to share with you my thoughts on a story about a woman in Africa.

In South Africa, a lesbian, Noxolo Nogwaza, was murdered around a month ago. The story is quite brutal as it is not just a make-believe story, but a real life incident. The woman was raped and murdered after dropping her girlfriend off at home. Noxolo was not only raped, but was stabbed with broken glass and violently pummeled with rocks by her assailants.

Noxolo was a well known female in her country as one of the major Gay Rights Activitists. Her rape and subsequent death is not the first case that has been reported to authorities. Lydia Kunu, a rights activist who works for a community networking organizer for Ekurhuleni Pride Organizing Committee, contends that Noxolo’s attack was a hate crime.

The authorities are currently investigating this situation and this situation has been dubbed as an alleged corrective rape, even though witnesses who head the attack give a different account of what happened. Noxolo’s body was dumped in a public square after the attack.

The members of the GLBT community in South Africa are being attacked for their sexual orientation. In-spite of the fact that South Africa’s constitution prohibits discrimination against gays. It is the first African nation to enact this type of law.

Noxolo Nogwaza’s death is just the latest in a series of murders that have occured within the gay community. Eudy Simelane, a well-known soccer player who lived openly as a lesbian was atttacked raped and murdered in the same manner.
Having a law on the books is a great start to a free society. Those laws do not have full empowerment as long as the people continue to act from out of a mindset that is in total opposition to those laws. When the members of the GLBT community are reporting attacks they are often mocked by law enforcement officials as well.

Laws have always created borderlines for humans, however, how strong and effective might they be to possibly tame the nature of humans? Korea is growing as a strong country, because it has been working to open people to a community where they are able to express themselves freely. A politician working to ban gay marriage is the complete opposite of what Korea has proved to be able to do so far. No country should allow religion to guide ideas and beliefs if they work for the people. Religion, rather works for the insecure, and instituting laws based off of religious ideals will only work to deepen the wounds of the insecure. This can result in many more negative consequences that the nation will have to inevitably deal with. In Korea, a politician or the National Assembly should strongly avoid instituting laws that prohibit actions of expression and freedom.

Korea has done a great job in showing the world that they are a capable country by encouraging their people to express their opinions in their own way, however, creating a law that limits freedom of expression will be quite discouraging for the people. In a free country, everyone should be treated equally. If the government is truly working for the people, as for the nation, they must understand and accept that their people will be a variety of kinds. Expressing an individual’s distinctive trait, even though it may be out of the norm, is what a free country stands for. The government should not become a hindrance for any single people, limiting the people is only a foolish thing to do as society will only draw more negativity upon a certain group (which can cause much intimidation upon other groups that are afraid to speak of themselves).

A law does not possess such power to control the emotions and to an extent, certain actions of an individual. Love, for instance, is not something the government should be able to guide amongst the people. Making certain actions illegal does not stop all individuals from committing to the action. It is silly of the government to allow such laws to be made as it only effective in isolating a group by giving them critical attention. It is pointless to prohibit the gay society…Creating more and more boundaries will only cause more problems as angry mobs can appear that wish to veto the law, or secret, dangerous groups and committees can emerge that risk a great number of people of the gay society. The homosexual society has not done any harm to any individual, generally speaking.

What exactly becomes of a government when it targets a certain group, when they say they practice freedom and equality? How exactly is the gay society at fault for simply expressing their own colors through a practice that requires two people to come in concordance with each other? The government is only creating new problems for themselves as they stubbornly choose to follow the religious route of the insecure and use its laws to limit the people of their nation.


How to Tell Someone’s Lying May 16, 2011

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Lying can be traced back to ancient times. It is not known where the first lie has taken place, but the act of lying is something that has become very common. For some people, lying is a skill. They have become very good at it, that there’s no way of telling if they are lying or not. Some people have even made a living out of it, such as con artists. While you may not encounter con artists daily, knowing if someone is lying to you will help you know if you should trust a person or not. Here are some of the best ways to tell if someone is lying to you. 


Normally, a person would look you in the eye when they talk to you. A liar, afraid that you would notice they’re telling lies cannot look into your eyes when they talk. Some liars might look you in the eye, but only because they’re trying to see if you believe what they’re saying. If you notice that the person you’re talking to cannot make direct eye contact or are staring too intently to your eyes, chances are they are hiding something.


Being a liar doesn’t make someone a good storyteller. Often, liars forget tiny details about their story, which is why they don’t indulge in details. Some will also jump from one part of the story to another, and you would notice that their story doesn’t ‘connect’. You also need to be careful around people who stammers and stutters when they talk. While this can just be a sign of nervousness, this could be an early warning that they’re not being truly honest about what they’re saying.


When you talk, you’d often have your arms at your sides or move it to emphasize points. Lying causes a person to be defensive, which is why crossed arms are an indication that a person is lying. Another sign that a person is lying is when they don’t face you properly. When you’re confident about what you’re saying, you would face a person properly. Whether sitting or standing, an honest person makes a proud posture showing that he has no doubts about what he’s saying. This is very different from liars, who tend to form close positions. This means they will face in an angle that will allow them to run should their lies be exposed, and they tend to stoop when they sit.


Showing your friends a picture of your crush May 11, 2011

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ahh..the beauty and fun of falling in love.